Kultura Hostel Rules

  1. Check in time is 14.00
    Early check-in from 06:00 is paid additionally at a price equal to 50% of the confirmed fare if there are available numbers of the requested category.

  2. Check out time is 12.00
    Late check-out (before 18.00) is paid additionally at a price equal to 50% of the confirmed fare if there are available numbers of the requested category.
    Warn that you are leaving and promise to return!

  3. Cancellation of ordered and confirmed booking must be sent in writing form with mandatory confirmation from the company's reservation department. In case of no-show without prior cancellation 3 days before the date of arrival (for group reservations from 5 people - for 14 days), 100% of the cost of one night stay will be charged at the rate of the reserved room.

  4. Payment for the accommodation can be made by cash or non-cash payment in hostel or in current site.

  5. Return order:
    • The first three days of stay are considered to be non-refundable, for the following days the return is made subject to a written application 3 days before the departure date
    • Refunds are made the same way as payment was made

  6. Documents required for accommodation:
    • for citizens of the Russian Federation:
      1. passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation
      2. birth certificate for children under 14 (fourteen) years old
      3. the permission of the parents for the residence of their minor child in the hostel.
    • for foreigners:
      1. the passport of a foreign citizen or other document established by federal law or recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as an identity document
      2. current migration card, filled in at the entrance to the territory of the Russian Federation
      3. a visa valid in the territory of the Russian Federation.

  7. The administration has the right to refuse to provide service to the guest without explaining the reasons. In this case, the prepayment for unspecified Services is not returned to the Customer.

  8. The guest has to make a deposit of 200 (two hundred) rubles for the keys from the room and the intercom when accommodating in the Kultura Hostel. When you leave the hostel and return back keys from the room and the doorphone to the administrator, the deposit is returned to the guest in full. If the guest does not return the keys from the room and the doorphone, the Administration has the right to withhold the received deposit in full.

  9. List of free services:
    • Wi-Fi and television
    • lockers with individual keys
    • iron and ironing facilities
    • renting umbrellas (a deposit of 500 rubles is refundable)
    • order a taxi.

  10. List of paid services:
    • laundry - 100 rubles;
    • towel rental - 50 rubles
    • slippers and hygienic supplies - price on the price list
    • greeting cards - 100 rubles.

  11. The administration has the right to evict a guest from the "Kultura Hostel" in case of violation by the guest of the Legislation of the Russian Federation, the requirements of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, the Laws of St. Petersburg, the Rules of Residence in "Kultura Hostel" without a refund.

  12. In case of loss or damage to the hostel's property, the guest agrees to indemnify the damage in accordance with the procedure provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The amount of damage is determined in accordance with the current price list of the property in the hostel.

  13. After 23.00 guests should observe the silence in the hostel. The presence of strangers (friends and acquaintances) on the territory of the hostel is prohibited.

  14. Group leader is responsible for the life and health of members of the group, as well as control over compliance with the rules of accommodation in the "Kultura".

  15. It is forbidden to be in a hostel in a state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, to drink alcohol, to smoke. For non-compliance with this rule, a fine of 5000 rubles is provided and immediate eviction will be done without a refund.

  16. The guest agrees to comply with fire safety rules.

  17. We ask guests to keep cleanliness throughout the hostel, promptly wash their dishes and sign food products. Otherwise, they are suggested as without owner and can be eaten or discarded.


Dear guests, observing the simple rules of residence, you provide yourself a comfortable rest!