Double Room

We offer 6 thematic double rooms, with comfortable king-size mattresses and wonderful views of the city painted by avant-garde artist Igor Yanovsky. Have you ever spent a couple nights in the Russian Museum or in the Smolny Cathedral? Our hostel guarantees you a place in the front row. Capture the moment!
Price from 1 090 ₽

🔑 Troitskiy Bridge
🔑 Smolny Cathedral
🔑 Strelka V.O.
🔑 Medny Vsadnik
🔑 Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
🔑 Russian Museum

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These are small and cosy rooms, with separate beds for two people, surrounded by unique views of the main sight-seeing spots of our beloved city!
Price from 1 090 ₽

🔑 Admiralty
🔑 Hermitage
🔑 Kunstkamera
🔑 General Headquarters

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We all probably had a childhood dream of sleeping on a bunkbed. We will fulfil your dreams in Kultura Hostel! As many of you are traveling in pairs, we made 3 rooms for two persons featuring bunkbeds, which makes “bunking” the perfect solution. The most important thing is to “shotgun” the top bunk. Well, one, two - run!
P.S. For those of you, who want an unique impression, we made room "Peter and Paul Fortress" without a window to let you feel like in real castle!
Price from 990 ₽

🔑 Mariinskii Opera House
🔑 Aurora
🔑 Peter and Paul Fortress

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Love to travel with friends and enjoy a quiet night for sleep? Our 4 cosy rooms with two bunk beds are ideal option for your crew! The whole room is only for your team, but if you need a private space, then just climb to the top bunk. Don't have company? No big deal! Someone will definitely become your roommate. It’ll be a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers and start new friendship!
Price from 450 ₽

🔑 Griffin
🔑 Peter I
🔑 Circus on Fontanka
🔑 Book House

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A great option for the big groups or for the ones who seek budget accommodation. Beds from 400 rubles, with comfortable mattresses, reading lights, personal socket, clean bedding and airy space – everything to create a homelike atmosphere. In the winter you can be accommodated for a month by prior arrangement! Just let yorself spend a little more time in cozy and artistic atmosphere!

🔑 Saint Isaac’s Cathedral
🔑 Kazanksy Cathedral

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