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Auroville аур (1)

ADDRESS: Radishchev St, 5. WORKING HOURS:12:00–22:00 DISCOUNT: 10%

New restaurant on Radishchev Street with three rooms, two of which are anticafes. Chef in charge of India Naveen, working in "Frida" and "Tea House". On the menu some interesting meals for 150-170 rubles and traditional Indian cuisine (samosas, aloo paratha (potato cakes), paneer and raita (kefir soup with herbs and spices). Among drinks - tea masala and lassi. The café regularly organizes various thematic meetings and evenings of Indian dances.

Snegiri geh7yraf0ro  

ADDRESS: Vosstanya St, 24 WORKING HOURS:12:00–20:00 DISCOUNT: 15% SITE: http://snegirivalenki.com/