Dear Guests, please, carefully read the Rules and Regulations in our Hostel:

1. Check-in time is 14.00 p.m., check-out – 12.00. If it is time but your train/bus/airplane isn't ready, you may leave your luggage here in our Hostel, that's free. And drink some tea and relax. But the room should be ready for cleaning. 2. We will appreciate if you pull off and fold your bed linen when you're leaving. Don't forget to give your key back to the Administrator. Tell him/her you will come back soon 😉 We will wait. 3. When you’re leaving the room, give your keys to the Administrator. 4. If it is a dormitory room, and you are the last one to leave the room, please, lock the door and give your keys to the Administrator. 5. If it is more than a week you are going to live with us, please, keep it clean and neat by yourself. 6. Keep it clean in the kitchen and showers after yourself. We are sure it is better when it's clean and nice everywhere. We are also sure you think so too 😉 7. Please keep quiet after 23.00 up to 08.00. 8. At night from 2 till 7 am (week), from 3 till 7 am (weekend) we close outside door. Please, call to the Administrator if you need to come in. 9. Smoking in designated external areas only (in the yard). Fine for violation is 1000 rub. 10. Drinking alcohol (even low-alcoholic beverages) is strictly forbidden. For violation it is immediate eviction – wow! – out of the Hostel. 11. For Hostel’s property damage there is a fine. Please, be careful, follow the Fire Safety regulations, turn off the electricity, save energy, our Hostel and the Earth would really appreciate that treatment 😉 12. The Hostel’s Administration is not responsible for any valuable items, if they were not given to the Administrator for storage. 13. The Hostel may refuse accommodation or evict the guest during their stay provided their behavior violated the hostel rules or in any way violated the principles of social coexistence. Everything is very strict 😉 14. Seniors of children groups are fully responsible for that children’s behavior in the Hostel. 15. In case of early check-out the Administrator should be informed before no less than 24 hours. Other way there is no money return is possible. 16. Unsigned food = shared food 😉 sometimes Administrators throw it away. Please, sign your food – your name and check-out date. Administrator always has a marker and a sticker 😉 17. For hot water we have boilers here. They are big and have enough hot water for everyone. And if someone would not be careful, for others it would be 5 hours to wait for another round of hot water. So, please, be careful, don't turn it too much – other guests and Our Planet will appreciate that very much 😉 18. Foreign guests only: you need to register your visa within 7 working days upon arrival. In Russia it’s obligatory and it helps to avoid problems with documents, Border Service, the Police etc We confirm Russian visa for our guests and it costs 150 rubles.