Art Hostel "Kultura"


Life in Art Hostel Kultura is a constant drive of fun and a sea of positive emotions! "Culture" - a place for the most creative people from all corners of our planet to meet and share their experiences!


  • 24 hour reception
  • Free WI-Fi
  • Paid parking
  • Washing machine
  • Hair dryer, iron
  • Room for Luggage Storage
  • Board games
  • Piano, guitar
  • Fitted kitchen


Pay for accommodation in one of the following ways:
  1. Cash on arrival
  2. Transfer to Sberbank card
  3. Electronic money transfer: yandex wallet, paypal
  4. Payment to the account (legal entities)

Cash payment

Guest pays for the accommodation upon arrival. Warning, credit cards are not accepted!

Transfet to Sberbank card

To make an advance payment or payment through the Internet for juridical persons. The card number will be sent on request.


You can transfer the payment for accommodation in ATMs or any card online.

Payment for legal entities

  1. Cash
  2. Cashless payments (for this type of payment is necessary to conclude a contract with the company)
Fligel – an entertainment cluster, that combines a number of interesting startups, in addition to the already known St. Petersburg projects. The pleasant atmosphere of the site is worth mentioning, in which there are several showrooms, vinyl shop, hostel, architectural office, as well as culinary and educational projects. Now they continue to open new projects that never cease to amaze St. Petersburg for its originality and ambition. Located: St. Petersburg, Vosstanya Ulitsa, 24

Interior & Rooms

ГагикOnce the first time in this wonderful hostel would like to create and build. People with an innovative view of the world have gathered to inspire and motivate. A great atmosphere reigns and you feel part of one big family. I assure you, here you will have a lot of fun! This is one of the few places where you feel the atmosphere of harmony and rhythm of the metropolis. I fell in love with this place and I fell in love with this city.

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KulturaHostel X Igor Yanovsky

grifAt the disposal of our guests are 13 double rooms - 6 of them with double beds; 5 double rooms with twin beds; 2 with bunkbeds, just like a child. There are also dorm rooms: 4 four-beds, 2 eight-beds. A total of 8 bathrooms, which are located a few steps from the room. Spacious lounge with a kitchen and all the essentials.

Igor Yanovsky

Igor Yanovsky - modern artist and brilliant representative of the St. Petersburg avant-garde works in an original manner, which he describes as infantile realism. His works refer us to the animated pictures, crazy dreams, or even comic books - in spite of a certain static quality of his compositions, it seems that today will be followed by the next frame.